Been there …Done that!

Well let’s see Man Utd has the highest number of fan following compared to any football team, speaking of roughly 700 million fans.

So 95% of fans that is around 665 million have never attended a game at Old Trafford.

Again Old trafford capacity is 75,000  and in a season there would be around 20 matches at home i.e Old Trafford so basically 1.5 million can visit the stadium in one season . Even if some 100 million fans would want to watch a match at old trafford, it wont be possible. But each one of them will be dying to do so…..or so I’ve heard.

Old Trafford is exactly what the name suggests – old. Built in 1910, this amazing soccer stadium is located in Trafford, which is a borough in Manchester, England. Back then, the stadium held 70,000 people. The venue suffered a big hit (literally) when it was bombed in 1941 during World War II. Old Trafford eventually re-opened in 1949. Over the years, the stadium has gone through many renovations. In 1990, Old Trafford went from bleacher style seating to single seats. This dropped the total capacity of the stadium to about 44,000. With massive and expensive expansions over the past 17 years, the capacity has ballooned back to 76,000 fans. Despite being open for nearly a century, Old Trafford is now one of the most modern and stunning sports venues in the world. It is the only stadium in England that has the prestigeous UEFA five-star rating – the ranking system for soccer venues around the world.

Old Trafford – Fun Facts

  • Old Trafford has a heater under the grass to melt any snow that may fall on the field during the game.
  • Old Trafford was nicknamed the „Theatre of Dreams“ by former United star, Sir Bobby Charlton.
  • If you have a chance to go to a game and manage to sneak into a seat closer to the pitch, and someone comes along and tells you you’re sitting in their seat, but you respond with „I don’t see your name on it“; well my friend, it probably is.
  • Dedicated fans who have purchased season tickets for 25+ years for the same seats, year after year, are honoured by Manchester United by having their names printed onto little silver plaques on the underside of their seats.
  • Old Trafford holds over 75,000 seats. Of those, 73% are taken by season ticket holders, making it difficult for new or international fans to get their hands – or should I say butts – on seats.
  • If you can see the pitch, you can’t drink. If you do, you’ll be fined and put in Man U jail. Simple as that. I suppose they figured this will keep the aggression and violence levels at bay and prevent any under-the-influence-riots from happening. And to go one step further to assist with this prevention, the beer bottles served at the stadium are all made of a squishy, flexible plastic.